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Digital Camera Comparison


Digital photography is the perfect way to capture this generations need for instant gratification. You can snap a picture, view it instantaneously, download it to your computer, and send it out in an email or post it on the World Wide Web.
There are, as we know, different brands and models of digital cameras. Before you buy a digital camera you might first want to see if you can make a digital camera comparison. From the results of this comparison you will become aware of the various aspects of buying a digital camera.
In your digital camera comparison, there are certain factors which must be looked at thoroughly before you make your final choice for a digital camera. These factors include the matter of handling the camera, the many features that can be found in the digital cameras, and the performance abilities of your chosen camera.
The final factor which needs to be looked into is that of the value for money that you will get from buying a certain camera.
As you look at the first digital camera comparison category, the handling of the camera, you will need to think about various items, and this includes how the digital camera feels in your hands. This means does the camera feel sturdy or poorly made, is it lightweight or heavy.
You will need to note the materials that your digital camera is made from as well in your digital camera comparison. The other item that needs to be looked into is that of the controls and if you can easily read and understand them. You should also be able to get a feeling for the quality of the digital camera from this digital camera comparison.
The next item to be seen to on your comparison test should be that of the many features that you can find with various digital cameras. You should check to see if you have a variety of useful features when you are selecting a type of digital camera that you consider as being suitable.
The other features that makes buying a digital camera a marvelous idea is if you have access to a menu system that will help you navigate the many features of the camera. To have great pictures the metering, focusing and flash exposure systems will need to be seen to as well.
Your digital camera comparison will need to include the performance of the digital cameras that catch your eyes. In this category you should look at the noise level that can be heard from a digital camera. You will have to see if the different digital cameras have the capability of presenting you with clear and sharp pictures. You will have to go through all of these aspects to find out if you are buying a worthwhile digital camera that you will use. From this digital camera comparison you will be able to know if you’re getting a good digital camera that worth the money that you are paying for it.
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Fueling Our Future


There’s a beautiful place in central southern England that’s retained an unspoilt, almost timeless beauty; an ancient habitat. Some of it tucked under a canopy of tall trees whilst an adjacent corner features open heathland where ponies graze and deer roam.

The hum of a passing car can be heard from time to time, but then silence falls once again, the mechanical man-made sounds giving way to the nasal cry as a pair of crows flap low over the tree tops, two dark shapes against a bright sky. This place often described as England’s loveliest Forest is here – it is the New Forest, home to many of us and a holiday and recreational destination to plenty more.

But how often do we switch to the local and national news, who report in a foreboding language images of starving children, flooded plains and wind torn districts of western and third world countries. They speak of threats to our own environment, of global warming – the ‘greenhouse effect’ that allows the sun’s rays in to warm us but stops much of the heat escaping again. It is so difficult whilst living in this beautiful place to quantify their broadcasts of doom.

What is this culprit creating temperature rises, pushing nature off balance to such a degree it threatens each of us? I feel I hardly need prompt anyone, jog your conscience; we all know it is largely the result of the industrialised society we have all created.

It is thought that by the year 2030, well within our children’s lifetimes, temperatures will rise by between 1.5 and 4.5 degrees. That doesn’t sound much, but when you consider a temperature drop of five degrees would recreate an ice age; you do begin to appreciate the enormity of the changes our future might bring.

Largely, though not solely responsible for much of the airborne pollutants creating global warming is the burning of fossil fuels. So many of us have such busy lives, it’s all too easy to dismiss these as future problems. It is not until we stop for a moment and think what we are doing to our planet; our home, that research towards noiseless, low energy and efficient resolutions, rather than the noisy, high energy, often brutal and clumsy solutions we have today become anymore than a passing thought.

Man cannot live without science and technology, any more than he can live without nature, and it is to the pioneers of science we look to for our sustainable future – but it is the efficient running of our homes and transport systems that affect us most.

Just a short while ago, the car manufacturer Toyota, hit the headlines when it won ‘car of the year award’ for its innovative petrol/electric hybrid car the ‘Prius’. This car has a conventional petrol engine, but when starting off at normal speed and cruising at a reasonable clip is powered by an electric motor fed from a battery. As the charge is depleted the petrol engine powers an electric generator which recharges the battery. If more power is needed, for instance when overtaking, both modes of power can drive the wheels.

Another motoring giant Honda have developed a car that has a device which compresses natural gas from the household supply. The company claims the car is cheaper to run as well as cleaner burning. It believes the ability to fill up at home wrestles the problem of there being few gas filling stations. This problem exists too for those with vehicles converted to run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Volvo have invested heavily in this technology, and many companies will convert your petrol engine to a gas burner. However the green lobby argue this is a small improvement on what currently exists.

There has been much press too about diesel cars running on chip fat. Actually called biodiesel, this fuel is plant based and doesn’t produce CO2 that contributes to global warming. Diesels engines will run without modification, and burn up to 75% cleaner than diesel made from fossil fuels. Biodiesel is non-toxic and can be used in generators, used underground, or inside warehouses and factories.

A much cleaner fuel alternative though, is the ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cell’. Whilst still at the development stage General Motors, BMW and a number of other car makers have already invested hundreds of millions of pounds in research and development of prototypes. Fuel cells create power by combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce a current that propels an electric motor, the only by-product is water. One hurdle that still has to be absolved before small scale commercial production can begin is the ten fold estimated cost when compared with conventional fossil fuel derived vehicles.

In the future fuel cell technology could supplement solar, wind and wave generators to power our homes and offices as well as our cars more efficiently. With significantly less impact on the environment than fossil fuels, we would cease to fear energy shortages, and reduce our reliance on imported oil too. Once difficulties with hydrogen storage, cost and infrastructure development have been solved, this technology may transform our lives; and be the holy grail we have been quietly though perhaps not optimistically hopeful of.

Copyright: Simon Lawrence

Simon Lawrence is a professional writer and photographer; he also lectures in photography and photoshop skills in higher education.


Labor Movement’s future


As election day comes near, it is likely that Barack Obama will be elected the next President of the United States. In addition, there is a general consensus, even among Republicans, that the Democrats will pickup seats in congress and may even obtain a “filibuster proof” majority in the Senate.


Currently, the Democrats have 49 seats in the Senate. In addition to those 49 seats, there are 2 independents, Joe Lieberman and Bernard Sanders, who caucus with the Democrats, effectively giving them a 51 seat majority. However, in order to get anything done in the Senate, 60 votes are needed to break Republican sponsored filibusters, the process of talking a bill to death and preventing action on urgently needed legislation.


There is general agreement, given the state of the economy, that 2008 will be a Democratic year. If Democrats pick up 5 seats in the Senate, the minimum they are projected to win, they will have 56 votes and will only need 4 Republican votes to break a filibuster. However, if the Democrats pick up 9 votes, difficult but not impossible, they will be able to shut off debate without crossover Republican votes.


What will it mean for the labor movement to have a filibuster proof, Democratic majority in the Senate?


First and foremost, it means that the Employee Free Choice Act will be enacted into law. The Democratic congress will vote for the Employee Free Choice Act and send that legislation to President Barack Obama who will sign it into law. Once the Employee Free Choice Act becomes law and management can no longer manipulate company based representation elections, it is a safe bet that there should be a significant increase in the number of union represented employees in the United States.


In addition to the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, a strong Democratic majority in congress can be counted on to periodically raise the federal minimum wage for the working poor. Hopefully, the days of having to wait nine years for small increases in the minimum wage should become a relic of the past.


Other areas where significant changes can be anticipated include revisions in NAFTA to make it more labor friendly, the elimination of tax incentives to encourage American businesses to relocate overseas, greater regulation of the home loan industry to prevent a reoccurrence of the “subprime” housing debacle, and tax breaks for middle income wage earners.


Another significant change will come in the area of job creation. Unlike George Bush, Senator Obama has made it clear that he intends to spend significant sums of money on promoting renewable energy such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy. The expenditure of these funds should create thousands of new jobs for working men and women.


Finally, it is my belief that it is absolutely inevitable that the Democratic congress and the new Democratic president will allocate significant resources for “public works” projects; i.e. repair of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sewers, water treatment plants, etc. Rather than rely on the marketplace to generate wealth that will “trickle down” to the masses, Obama and the Democratic congress will take direct action to stimulate our economy and return our nation to prosperity by means of these job creating projects.


I believe that the next four years may very well be recorded by historians as labor’s new “golden age.”

Darryl Cherness is a Labor Representative, who works for a public sector labor union, representing members in grievances, arbitrations, and civil service disciplinary proceedings.

In addition to his union activities, Mr. Cherness is actively involved in grassroots Democratic politics. He was a delegate to the Democratic Convention in 1992 and was named a “Democrat of the Year” in 2005 by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

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Mobile Broadband Internet


Working from home is an excellent career. It means you can run your own business, at your own pace and anywhere you want. Imagine working in your garden, perhaps it is located at the backyard or working in a cafe, where you get your normal caffeine fix and enjoy your work. This is the life everyone wants.

If you work from home, you should count yourself lucky. With the invention of mobile broadband, you no longer stuck at home as opposed to those who are using land line internet connection. With mobile internet, you can connect to the internet at anytime and anywhere you are. You can choose to work at any place you want. It is your choice.

You can even choose to live in a different place as long as there is mobile broadband internet connection in that place. Yes, it is really convenient for us all. In fact, even if you are not working on your laptop, you can still check emails using your mobile phone. So, you get to work even when you are stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for someone at some place.

Even if you are not working, as a student, you will find the benefits of having mobile broadband internet for your studies. Many students find that having their own internet connection is much better than relying on what the campus offers. Most campuses offer WiFi but that is not reliable.

Since you will be living in the campus or off the campus, internet is what keeps you connected to the world. You can keep in touch with your friends and family, research for your papers and you don’t even have to pay expensive monthly fee, thanks to the flexibility of signing up for Pay and Go mobile deals.

The best part is you can get a free laptop when you sign up for certain mobile broadband deals. Yes, this is the biggest reward of all. However, you will need to sign a contract in order to enjoy the free laptop promotion, which is no big deal at all since you just have to pay a small monthly fee.

Most of the mobile internet contracts cost between £10-£30, depending on the type of deals you want. There are different types of laptops readily available as well so you might as well choose the one that you want according to the specifications, of course.

Mobile broadband is the way of life. Without mobile broadband, we will have to rely on land line internet connection and this is not the best choice since we cannot bring the internet connection along whenever we have to leave our home. Check out some of the best mobile broadband deals if you are interested to get one.

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Virgin Mobile Broadband


The primary benefit of subscribing to any Virgin deal is its simple airtime pricing without any hidden fees, no contracts to sign and no money bills! Having a worldwide renowned brand name, distinctive style, excellent services and products, the vibrant Virgin Mobile is undoubtedly UK’s leading mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. It boasts of five million customers. This network deals with a wide range of phones such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony and Nokia handsets and provides with multiple lucrative deals for customers.

You can also opt for Virgin Media Mobile broadband and avail the flexibility of going online even when you are on the move. This network enables you to connect to the internet with the help of their 3G mobile phone which covers more than 85% of the United Kingdom. You can get a substantial allowance of 3GB every month in the UK for just £15 per month. You will not require any wires or landline. They will provide you with a USB modem which is wireless and can be easily stuck into your laptop.
Another more affordable mobile broadband and home broadband offered by Virgin mobile network allows you to obtain 1GB at just £5 a month with their 10 Mb or 20 Mb of fastest broadband with their fibre optic!
If you procure insurance for your USB then you will be assured that your new modem is covered. Virgin Mobile network will cover the first month of cover. After which they will charge you only £3.49 per month. You can Surf the web for 100 hours, download 100 two minute videos, send 2,000 emails and download 200 music tracks.
Some reputed awards and recognitions received by Virgin Mobile network include Best Customer Service (2001-2008) and Best Online Retailer (2008) at the Mobile Choice Awards, Best network (2005) at the What Mobile Readers Awards and enlisted by Sunday Times as the 100 Best Companies to Work For (2005) thus reflecting not only its popularity but also its reliability.

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02 Mobile Broadband


Launched in the year 1985 as Cellmet, O2 went on to become on of the largest, most popular cellular phone manufacturers and a leading and reliable network service provider not only in the UK but also in Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and Slovakia. Being an erstwhile part of BT Group plc, O2 later got rechristened by Telefónica of Spain in 2001. O2 Mobile has recently revealed some solid and powerful business phones keeping in mind current business requirements. Moreover, O2′s home and mobile broadband service has also garnered a lot of appreciation.
Some prestigious awards bestowed upon O2 network include Innovation in Messaging Award at the 2008 Global Mobile Messaging Awards for Bluebook, Visiongain Gold Award for Best Mobile Operator in 2008, Highest Customer Satisfaction, Top 10 Broadband Awards, as voted by the readers of WebUser magazine in 2008, Direct Sales Team of the Year at the National Sales Awards in 2007 and Best music and brand partnership: The O2, Music Week Awards in 2007. The widespread reputation of O2 network has led to its honorary reception of the status of sponsorship for various famous sports clubs.
O2 mobile broadband has come up with distinct schemes to suit myriad preferences and requirements. The Pay Monthly scheme will provide you with a Free USB modem, 3GB and unlimited Wi-Fi on a 2 year contract. It is available at just £9.79 for the first 4 months. The Pay & Go scheme of O2 broadband will give you a USB modem only for £29.35. You can get online from £2 a day and avail unlimited Wi-Fi minutes.
O2 broadband offers a special Business scheme that provides a free USB modem, 3GB and unlimited Wi-Fi at only £8.51 for the first 4 months. You will have to subscribe for a period of 2 years. Another exciting offer by O2 mobile is on Laptops. You can get a free laptop with O2 Mobile Broadband from £29.38 per month on a minimum membership of 2 years!

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All New Google Android Smartphone


Recently the release of brand new Google Android smartphone was confirmed. This latest device is named Samsung Nexus S which will run on latest version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and will features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This technology will allow the phone to read information from smart objects.  The smartphone is likely to be released in the next few weeks and will be the first phone to run Google’s latest version of Android.


This amazing smartphone is expected to hit the UK market under pay monthly Nexus S deals and is expected to be available at Carphone Warehouseas free contract deals on £35 a month contracts on T mobile and Vodafone, or as sim free phones for £550.


The gadget measures 123.9 x 63 x 10.9mm and weighs 129g and includes a 4-inch display screen that is up to 1.5 times brighter than traditional LCD displays. It runs on the very powerful 1GHz Hummingbird processor plus dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Samsung Nexus S offers 16GB of internal memory to store your files and data and comes with integrated Flash and HTML5 technology. The smartphone comes with a 5 mega pixel digital camera with improved motion gesture sensors, back and front-facing cameras for face-to-face video chats.


Samsung Nexus S is Google’s second offering the very popular Nexus One. Since the device is developed by Samsung, so it will combine the latest Android features with the teched up hardware of the Galaxy range.


According to the announcement made at the press release, the device is an unbeatable combination of cutting-edge technology and a pioneering operating system and is a must have gadget for all smartphone lovers. Google promise that the gadget will offer a pure Google experience and will provide unrestricted access to all of Google’s top mobile services.


The device seems to be quite impressive and promising and time will tell whether it can surpass the popularity of its predecessor Google Nexus One.


If you are also looking to buy this amazing device packed with highly efficient and advanced features, keep looking for great offers likely to be available on various online mobile phone shopping portals. You will be able to compare the latest deals available with the phone that will help you in getting complete details and price comparision of all the offers. This will help you in making an informed decision before making the final purchase.

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Acer Brings Android Smartphone


Acer, the synonym of technology and excellence is on with its all new Android supported smartphone. Acer announces tablet format smartphone, flaunting its smooth and tempting 4.8 inch display. The metal body is something you will go crazy for. The hand set is carved out in a perfectionist way and the elegance is evident from the little oozing back of this hand set.The aspect ratio offered by this smartphone is 21:9, which is one of the best available in market. Certainly the display is touhscreen type and it also bears a major selling feature and that is an 8 Mega Pixel camera. This amazing camera is also added with an LED flash to bring best light effects in your photos. The home screen is filled with four major buttons to select from, it includes Search, Back, Home and Menu.Are you thinking about the name of this latest Acer Android Smartphone? Well at a sad note, no name is decided yet for this beautiful and stylish smartphone. But the specifications are enough to make you start saving for this beauty. Acer Smartphone will give you a resolution of 1024 x 480 pixels and will be built on Android platform. A 1GHz Snapdragon processor will check the best speed to be provided. To facilitate the video conferencing, it is also carrying 2 megapixel front-facing camera. The smartphone will also support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and has ability to support up to 32 GB memory through MicroSD card slot.The entertainment quotient is taken well care of with a 3.5 mm audio jack and 6-axis motion sensing (Gyroscope + accelerometer). But at the first sight surely screen is an element which will blow your mind. Now coming to rumors, an essential part of any launch, and when its a big launch from Acer it calls a big rumor. The Acer smartphone is expected to work on Android 2.3 or call it Gingerbread. No official announcement is made on its availability and other specifications but is expected to rise in Q1 of 2011. Till then stay tuned for further details.

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Digital Camera


With the development of science and technology, there are more and more electronic gadgets in the market for the customers to choose. In our life, we use the electronic gadgets everyday. In other words, without these electronic gadgets, the quality of life will fall off greatly.

Among these electronic gadgets, people are very grateful for the designer of the digital camera. It brings the convenience to people. In the market, there are various kinds of digital cameras produced by different purchasers. As a result, many customers do not know how to choose the digital camera. They often buy the digital cameras inferior in quality with a lot of money. In fact, it is not difficult for people to choose the good digital camera as long as they know some elements that determine the quality of camera. Dealextreme provides a place for people to choose good digital camera. CCD is the photosensitive element of the digital cameras. CCD plays a role of receiving the signal when it works. As a result, the manufactures often use the pixel of digital camera as the standard of cameras. If you want to judge the pixel of the digital cameras, you should know a formula about pixel: the image size is multiplied by the square of resolution. If you want to choose digital cameras just for daily use, the pixel of 800 thousand is enough for you. If you are a professional reporter or photographer, the pixel of two or three million is suitable for your using. If the digital has good lens, it is much easier for users to capture objects. If the digital camera has great zoom, the objects in the long distance can be taken more clearly, and vice versa. As a result, choosing a digital camera with a great zoom means you can clearly and effectively shoot the objects in the long distance. There are two kinds of zoom: the physical zoom and digital zoom. The physical zoom plays the most important role. The function of zoom is to amplify the objects in the viewfinder. It can not play the role of making the objects much clearer. So the costumers should make a difference between the physical zoom and digital zoom. When you choose the digital cameras, you should take the caliber of cameras into consideration. If the caliber of digital cameras is small, the effect of shooting is not satisfying in the dark light, although your camera has a great zoom.

People should appreciate the electronics and Dealextreme. Because of them, our life becomes more convenient and beautiful.

The author is enthusiastic for digital products especially cell phones. Recently she is quite interested in Dealextreme because of the numerous novel gadgets there. She believes that such tiny decorations will make life much more sweet.

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The Legendry Smartphone From HTC


HTC Corporation is world’s one of the most innovative manufacturers of Smartphones. This Taiwan based mobile phone manufacturing company always offered best of the class devices that have become benchmark for other brands to follow. Smartphones manufactured by HTC come packed with a lot of high end features and are extremely user friendly. The devices not only offer latest and advanced technologically superior features, but are also very stylish and beautiful.


Smartphones are the unique focus of the brand and having reached great heights of success, all HTC smartphones come complete with most advanced features. These high end devices come pre loaded with some of the most powerful business oriented applications, multimedia functions and connectivity features. Some of highly popular handsets manufactured by the company are HTC Desire, Smart, HD and Touch.


One of the latest releases from the company is the HTC Legend which is an Android based phone and incorporates the latest developed AMOLED 3.2 inches touch sensitive screen. The device has already become a hot-shot in the mobile phone market all over the world and is one of the best selling third generation (3G) network supported smartphones. HTC Legend is compatible with 3G network and offers direct links to Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. It also provides direct access to various other most visited and used websites and web applications such as Gmail, Google search, Google Maps, YouTube, Document viewer, GPS, Push Email, Instant Messaging etc. The internal memory of the phone is 384MB RAM expandable up to 32GB with the micro SD card.


The device comes preloaded with built in full HTML browser that provides an extremely enjoyable and convenient web browsing experience. Some of the other highlights of the phone include a 5 mega pixel digital camera with a resolution of 2592×1944 pixels and auto-focus, and LED flash. The Legend runs on Android 2.1 OS and offers features such as Quad-band, 3G Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio and video player, microSD card slot, and Optical trackball.


The gadget not only offers a number of advanced features but also enthralls you with its exciting looks and great design. What is most exciting about this gorgeous smartphone is that it is now available at very affordable prices along with a wide range of attractive pay monthly contracts. These pay monthly HTC Legend contracts are available on all leading networks in UK such as O2, Vodafone, T mobile, Three, Orange and Virgin. To buy these deals, the user needs to sign an agreement with the service provider for the duration of the contract period. For those consumers who do not want to enter into any type of contract, the device is also available with various plans launched under cheap pay as you go phones deals. These are prepaid options and one need not sign any type of contract with the service provider.


Pay monthly or pay as you go, the phone is a hit with its array of useful features, and can be the ideal choice for to get the most exciting smartphone experience.

The author is a professional content writer and is engaged in writing informative articles on various topics.

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